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The thermostat must be installed by an authorised installer. The voltage to the thermostat must always be disconnected during installation.

When the thermostat is connected according to the manufacturer's user manual, the thermostat can be included in the Futurehome Smarthub.


To add the device, the Smarthub must be put in inclusion mode.

  1. Open the app → settings settings.svg → devices → add device → Zigbee → start.


  1. Put the thermostat in inclusion mode by holding down the minus button for 8 seconds. (Zigbee icon flashes on the thermostat).
  2. When the thermostat is found in the app, press "Ok, done!". The device is now at the bottom of your device list. Select it → setup.svg settings → give it a name, a function, and a room.
  3. If there is an available update on the thermostat, it will start automatically. Do not cut the power to the thermostat while the update is in progress.


Go to settings settings.svg → devices → find the device in the list → setup.svg settings → delete.


The thermostat has two temperature sensors, an internal room sensor, and a floor sensor. By default, it is set to the room sensor.

  1. Choose the sensor on the thermostat by holding down + and - simultaneously for 5 seconds. You are now in the menu, where setting 01 is the sensor setting.

  2. Press + or - to change the default choice.
    0 = internal room sensor
    1 = floor sensor
    2 = maximum guard*

  3. Confirm with ⏻

*The maximum guard uses the room sensor as a temperature sensor but will cut off the heat if the floor sensor reaches 27 degrees. This is suitable for wooden floors that do not tolerate high heat.

In the app, the thermostat has two channels, where channel 1 contains the thermostat and the selected sensor, while channel 2 contains the sensor that is not selected. For more information see an article about channels.

After the newest update it is also possible to set the thermostat in regulator mode. (The newest thermostats with power meter is required).
To set it as regulator, enter the settings as described above, setting 14 and value 0, or yuo can set it in the as shown below:

Power Regulator.gif

When the device is in that mode user can change regulator period and choose from 5 options: 15 minutes, 30 minutes which is default setting, 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

Read more about the regulator function further down in this article.

thermo1_f.svg   thermo2_f.svg

Power measurement

We have two versions of the thermostat. One with an internal power meter and one without. If you have one without, you will see this by the thermostat reporting 0 W even when it is on. To add consumption, you must first know how much power the floor heating draws and then enter this value.

  • Go to settings settings.svg → devices → thermostat → additional functions → enter W. Enter the value in W, not kW. Example: 1800, not 1.8.

Effekt.svg  W.svg


Black screen on thermostat

  1. Test if the thermostat has power by pressing one of the buttons on the thermostat. It should blink blue. If it blinks, move to the next step - if not, check the power.
  2. Try holding the power button for 5 sec. The thermostat should turn on. 
    If it does not, go to next step.
  3. Hold the minus and menu (three dots) buttons at the same time and count to three (disabling child lock).
  4. Hold the power button for 5 sec. again. 

The scenario here is that the thermostat's display has been turned off and then the child lock has been activated. The steps above explain how to disable child lock and turn the display back on. 


Newest update

We work on improving our products to ensure the best experience of usage to our customers.

Latest update on Futurehome thermostat contains 4 big changes in the newest version of device with power metering:

  • Power regulator:

  1. On the thermostat: open the settings by holding (+) and (-) together for 5 seconds → choose setting 14 which is device type → value 0 is regulator, value 1 is thermostat.

  2. To set the regulator period: open settings → choose setting 15 (regulator period) → set the minutes.

The number of minutes determines the length of one cycle. If you set 30 mins and the regulator is set to 50%, the regulator will heat for 15 mins, then be off for 15 mins. In total 30 mins.

  • Hide/show clock:

To hide or show the clock: open settings on the thermostat → choose setting 16 which is clock → value 0 is hiding, value 1 is showing.

  • Minimum dim on display:

It’s now possible to dim the display to zero. To do this, go to settings → choose setting 10 (Brightness in sleep mode)→ value 0 is the lowest.

  • Adjusting the sleep mode:

To adjust the temperature setting for sleep mode, open the thermostat settings → choose setting 17 which is “Sleep mode temperature default”→ set the wanted temperature.

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