Futurehome HAN Sensor - Gen 1

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Important! Remember to order the opening of the HAN port on your AMS. You do this via your grid company.


  1. Open the battery cover on the HAN sensor by pushing/sliding it up over the antenna. This gives you access to the battery holder, user button and LED indicator.
  2. Insert 1pc CR123A (pay attention to polarity).
  3. The LED will now flash blue/red indicating that the HAN adapter is starting. It will then repeatedly flash three short blue flashes every second to indicate that it is in pairing mode. Put the battery cover back into place.

Plug the HAN sensor into the HAN port of your energy meter. (Remember to contact your grid company to have the HAN port opened):

  1. Connect one end of the supplied cable to the HAN Sensor.
  2. Connect the other end of the supplied cable to the AMS (meter).
  3. Wait a while until the LED starts flashing short blue flashes. This indicates that the HAN adapter has a connection with the AMS.
  4. Mount the HAN Sensor in/at the fuse box using the double-sided tape on the back of the HAN Sensor.

Adding HAN Sensor to Futurehome

  1. In the Futurehome App, go to settings settings.svg devices add device select Zigbee Start.
  2. If the HAN Sensor is not automatically in pairing mode, as above, put it in pairing mode:
    Open the battery cover and hold the user button for 10+ seconds. This resets the HAN Sensor and starts pairing mode. It indicates it is in pairing mode when it flashes three short blue flashes repeatedly every second.

  3. The Futurehome App will indicate when the HAN Sensor is paired. Then, you will find it under devices.
    Important! After the HAN Sensor has been added as a device in Futurehome, you must (via the Futurehome App) go to the HAN Sensor device's settings and ensure that it is placed in a room, that it is set as 'meter' for type, and 'main_elec' for sub-type.


The HAN Sensor will now appear as a separate card on the home screen (in the Futurehome App).

For detailed information on energy consumption we recommend that you also install Thingsplex and Event Collector, both of which can be found in the Futurehome App under settings settings.svg playground. You will find more information about using these at support.futurehome.no.

Removing the HAN Sensor from Futurehome

Follow the instructions in the app (go to settings settings.svg devices select HAN sensor setup.svg settings delete).

LED indicator

When the device is running normally the LED indicator is off.

Colour Pattern Explanation
Blue Short flash Message from AMS received


Repetitive: three short flashes, then 1. sec. break Pairing mode
Blue Repetitive: 1 sec. on, 1 sec. break Zigbee recognised
Blue Up to 10 medium flashes Leaving network. HAN has been removed from the Zigbee network. Pattern will change to pairing mode.
Red Flashing Zigbee connection broken

User button

Action Description Explanation
Press and hold for 10+ seconds Factory reset Factory resets the HAN adapter and automatically starts the pairing process. Factory reset also removes the HAN adapter from the Smarthub.

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