Futurehome Rotary Dimmer

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The dimmer must be installed by an authorised installer. The power on that circuit must always be off during installation.

When the dimmer is connected according to the manufacturer's user manual, the dimmer can be included in the Futurehome Smarthub.


To add the device, the Smarthub must be put in inclusion mode.

  1. Open the app → settings → devices → add device → Zigbee → startGroup 1601 (7).svg   Group 1601-1.svg Group 1601-2.svg   inc6_f.svg

  2. Put the dimmer in inclusion mode by pressing the dimmer rapidly 7 times.
  3. When the dimmer is found in the app, press "Ok, done!".
  4. The device is now at the bottom of your device list. Click on it → settings → give it a name, a function and a room.



To delete the device, go to the device list → press the dimmer → settings → delete.


Settings on the dimmer

Clicks Setting
1 Turn on and off the light
2 Turn on to maximum brightness
5 Set startup brightness
6 Set minimum brightness
7 Set dimmer in inclusion mode
8 Set maximum brightness
9 Reset min and max settings
10 Factory reset the device

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