Yale Doorman Zigbee Module

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With the Yale Doorman Zigbee module, you can:

  • open/lock the Yale Doorman from the Futurehome app
  • see if the door is open or closed in the app
  • get push notifications when the door is opened
  • create personal and one-time codes


  • to use the module you need to have the Yale doorman V2N lock and the Futurehome Smarthub 1v1 or newer
  • the door lock can only be unlocked in the app (modes, shortcuts, flows etc. will not work)
  • the doorbell function does not work with Futurehome


Before you start:

  • reset the lock (see the “Reset the lock” section below)
  • when the lock asks you to input a master-pin - ignore it, and continue without setting a pin on the lock
  • the door must be unlocked and open during this process
  1. Take out the module and reinsert it to activate inclusion.
  2. Open the Futurehome app → go to settings → devices → add a device → Zigbee → start.
  3. When the module is found in the app, press "Ok, done!".
  4. The device is now at the bottom of your device list. Select it.
  5. Tap "lock not authorized" → set a pin-code for your lock (6 digits) → wait for the authentication to complete.


  1. Open settings → place the module in a room.
  2. The "set voice and language” and “door access” option should appear.


Reset the lock

  1. Remove the battery cover and the two top batteries.
  2. Remove the module, if inserted.
  3. Unscrew the inner part of the lock.
  4. Loosen the cover plate on the backside and change position on the Easy/Advanced switch.
  5. Mount the lock, insert the module and then the batteries.


  1. If the authorisation fails:
    • remove and then re-insert the module → wait up to a minute.
  2. If the lock is authorised and does not respond to any commands from the app:
    • remove one battery and put it back in.
  3. If all else fails:
    • delete the device from the app (go to settings → devices → Yale Module → settings → delete)
    • reset the lock
    • start the inclusion again

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