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Netatmo integration allows you to connect your Netatmo weather station to Futurehome.

  1. Open Futurehome app → go to settings → playground → Netatmo → download.
  2. Press the three dots → log in to Netatmo.

Your devices will show in the device list.


  1. Download the Netatmo app → register → add your devices.
  2. Open the Futurehome app, go to settings settings.svg → playground → Netatmo → download download.svg.

Group 2575.svg  Group 2578.svg  Group 2576.svg

  1. Tap the three dots 3dots.svg → tap “login” and provide your Netatmo credentials.

Group 2577.svg  Group 2579.svg

  1. To see your devices, go to settings settings.svg → devices → scroll to the bottom. Open the device → tap on setup.svg settings → place in a room → save.

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