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Event collector is our software that makes it possible to collect power data, temperatures, motion, lux and humidity. Note that only energy data is available in the energy view in the app. The other features are available in Thingsplex. For more information about Thingsplex, see Thingsplex Advanced UI.


  1. Go to settings settings.svg → playground.
  2. Find “Event collector" and press the download icon
  3. When it’s downloaded and running, it will start logging.

Usage in app

To find your energy data in the app, press Energy on the front page → then the graph icon Union_1.svg in the middle in the top navigation bar.


Usage in Thingsplex

  1. Open Thingsplex in a web browser.
  2. Press “Analytics” in the header, then the service you want to check. This can be motion, humidity and temperature as some examples. We will continue to look at temperature.
  3. Under “Analytics”, press “Sensors” → “Dashboard settings” → Sensor types: Temperature. Here you can change location (sort by rooms), the time range, graph size etc.Skjermbilde_2022-04-06_kl._09.41.18.png

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