Energy Bank

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This article contains information on how to set up Energy Bank.

For advanced automations see Energy Bank - advanced automations.


The Energy Bank adapter allows you to monitor your Energy Bank from Smart Energy Systems in the Futurehome app.

  1. Go to settings → playground → Energy Bank → download.
  2. Press the three dots → enter your Energy Bank's IP address and password.


  • Monitoring of battery charge control
  • Monitoring of grid energy, power import and export
  • Monitoring of solar power export
  • Monitoring of battery level, alarms, sensor and health
  • Monitoring of heat alarm
  • Monitoring of power alarm


  1. Download:
    Go to settings settings.svg → playground → Energy Bank → press download download.svg.

ebank1.svg  ebank2.svg  ebank3.svg

  1. Enter IP data:
    Tap the three-dot icon 3dots.svg → enter your Energy Bank's IP address and password.



  1. Install Event Collector for extra statistics:
    Go to settings settings.svg → playground → Event Collector → download download.svg.
    Learn more in the article about Event Collector.
  2. Create automations:
    See Energy bank - advanced automations.

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