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We have now updated our integration with Mill Wifi, and login/connection issues, aswell as issues with controlling Mill devices should be solved. 

For the update to work, you must have completed migration on Mill's side first. Refer to their FAQ on migration for assistance with this.

After the update, you will only be able to control plugs and heaters that work in the Mill app after migration. (Unfortunately, we do not support sensors, air purifiers, and heat pumps from Mill)

Once you have ensured that you have migrated on Mill's side, you can download the update in the Futurehome app.

Then, go to Settings -> Playground -> Mill -> Tap the 3 dots -> Login. Enter your username and password for your Mill account.

Once done, navigate to Settings -> Playground -> Mill -> Tap the 3 dots -> Advanced setup -> select your Mill devices to include -> Save.

The devices should now function as normal.

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