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How to add a device?
  1. Go to settings settings.svg → devices → add new device
  2. Chose Z-wave, Zigbee or EnOcean → start
  3. Check the device manual to find inclusion method for your device
  4. For more information, check the inclusion article.
How to delete a device?
Go to settings settings.svg → devices → select a device → setup.svg settings → delete.
For Z-wave devices you need to set the device in exclusion mode. It is not needed for Zigbee devices.
If a Z-wave device does not have contact with the hub, select "force delete" instead of "delete".
For more information, see article on exclusion.
Is this device supported?
For a complete list of supported products go to: https://products.futurehome.io.
How to apply for Enova support?
Enova has a support scheme for those who invest in energy efficiency measures. There are two measures that are relevant to Futurehome users.
  1. Smart power management for homes
  2. Smart water heater
Start the application process by pressing "Register measures" and make sure you have the necessary documentation available. The requirements are specified on the page of each of the support schemes.
See more about Enova here.
No response from Smarthub
The most common reasons for not getting response from the Smarthub is that it does not have a working internet connection or that you have chosen the wrong household.

Try these solutions:
  1. Check if you have chosen the right household in the Futurehome app.
  2. Check the Internet connection to the Smarthub - check that both network lights under Smarthub are lit/flashing and that other devices on the same network have internet.

If you still do not get contact with Smarthub, you can contact Futurehome support.

I did not find answer to my question.
We have a forum that can be used for knowledge sharing between users. Check it out here: https://forum.futurehome.io.
We also have a page that shows the operating status: https://status.futurehome.io.
If you need help from Futurehome, you can send an e-mail to support@futurehome.no or call (+47) 23 50 68 47.

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