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The integration with Tibber retrieves information about your heating devices (thermostats and temperature sensors) from Futurehome so that they can be controlled directly from the Tibber app and you can activate smart heating management that adjusts the temperature based on the electricity price. In addition to smart control of several types of thermostats, it is also possible to obtain data from several different temperature sensors.

To use the Tibber integration, you must be registered as the owner of the household in Futurehome.

If you have already enabled Tibber and the Futurehome Classic integration, you have to disable it first.

How to do it?

Open the Tibber app → tap Power-ups at the bottom of the tab bar → find Futurehome → log in with the email and password you use in Futurehome.

tib1_f.svg   tib2_f.svg

If the login is approved, your supported devices from the Futurehome app will appear in Tibber.

In some cases, devices have more than one temperature sensor. To choose which sensor the device should use in the Tibber app, you have to access the device via settings settings.svg → devices → find the device in question → scroll to the channel that represents the temperature sensor you want → tap setup.svg settings → note that this sensor should be the main sensor for the device.

tib3_f.svg   tib4_f.svg

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