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This article contains information on how to set up Fronius.

For advanced automations click Fronius - advanced automations.


The Fronius adapter allows you to monitor your Fronius Inverters energy production through Futurehome in real time.

  1. Go to settings → playground → Fronius → download.
  2. Press the three dots → enter your Fronius local IP address.

Your Fronius inverter should then be included and start reporting power production.


  • Monitor current power production
  • Monitor total energy produced in the current day


  1. Download:
    Go to settings settings.svg → playground → Fronius → press download download.svg.

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  1. Enter IP address:
    Tap the three icons 3dots.svg → enter your Fronius local IP address.
  • The Fronius API works over the local network. This means that your Smarthub will need to be on the same network as the Fronius inverter, and you need to have your Fronius Inverter’s local IP address.

    • Starting WiFi access point (on the physical inverter device)
      1. Click on button number 2 from the right to present menu icons.
      2. Click on button number 3 from the right and scroll to "SETUP".
      3. Click on button number 1 from the right to select setup.
      4. When in the setup menu, click on button number 3 from the right and scroll down to "WiFi access point".
      5. Click on button number 1 from the right to choose "WiFi access point".
      6. Click on button nr. 1 again to activate WiFi access point.
    • Connecting to the inverters WiFi access point
      1. Open settings on you smartphone.
      2. Go to WiFi.
      3. Choose the network called "Fronius 240.xxxxxxx", and enter password "12345678".
      4. When your phone is successfully connected to the Fronius network, open your web browser.
      5. Enter "" in the search box.
    • Finding the inverters IP-address
      1. On the website you will find system information for your Fronius Inverter. In the tab called "LAN interface" you will find your Inverters local IP address. Write this down, as you will need it later.

    PS: Remember to turn off WiFi access point after this procedure.



  1. Create automations:
    See Fronius - advanced automations.

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