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This article contains information on how to set up Sonos.

For advanced automations see Sonos - advanced automations.


The Sonos adapter allows you to control your Sonos speakers from Futurehome.

  1. Go to settings → playground → Sonos → download.
  2. Press the three dots → log in and choose your household.


  • Play or pause music/radio
  • Skip to the next or previous song
  • Mute speakers
  • Turn on/off shuffle, repeat, repeat one and crossfade
  • Control volume
  • Get metadata (song name, artist, album)


  1. Download:
    Go to settings settings.svg → playground → Sonos → press download download.svg.
    Group  Group  Group

  2. Log in:
    Tap the three dots 3dots.svg → log in with your Sonos username and password.

  3. Choose your household:
    Tap the three dots 3dots.svg → advanced setup → choose your household.

  4. Add to Room:
    Go to the settings page settings.svg → devices → scroll to the bottom to find the device.
    Open the device → press setup.svg settings → place in a room → save.

  5. Delete unwanted devices (if any):
    Go to the device → setup.svg settings → delete.


  1. Create automations:
    See Sonos - advanced automations

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