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Thanks to the integration with Google Home, you can use a device that supports Google Assistant to control your devices in the Futurehome system.

Note: You can choose which Futurehome household will be added to the Google Home app. You can only connect one household. Also, to link Futurehome to Google you need to be the owner of the household in Futurehome.


  • Control lights (turn on/off, dim, change colour)
  • Turn on/off the appliances
  • Set the temperature on the thermostat
  • Ask for temperature, humidity, and open/close state from your sensors
  • Activate modes and shortcuts (those will be hidden as scenes in Google Home)


  1. Setup in Google Home app:
    • Open the Google Home app
    • Tap the + button in the upper left corner → set up device → works with Google
    • Select Futurehome
    • Log in with your Futurehome user and select household
  2. Sync:
    After adding new Futurehome devices or shortcuts, ask Google to sync your devices.

If you would like to disconnect Futurehome from Google Home, open the Google Home app → select Futurehome → disconnect.


After successful setup, you can control your Futurehome devices by voice commands using a device with Google Assistant:

  • "Hey Google, turn off the lights in the living room."
  • "Hey Google, what is the temperature in the bathroom?"
  • "Hey Google, activate [mode name]."
  • "Hey Google, activate [shortcut name]."

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