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The thermostat should always be installed by a qualified electrician. Before installation, disconnect any power to the thermostat mains. During installation of the thermostat, power to the thermostat must be disconnected AT ALL TIMES.

When the thermostat is wired according to the producers manual it's ready to be included with Futurehome Smarthub.

Thermostat menu

To activate the programming mode, press Center (confirm) for 10 seconds. The display will show OFF. You are now in programming mode. To scroll up and down in the menu, use buttons 1 and 3 (left and right) to navigate. To enter the submenu, press Center (confirm). Always confirm your setting by pressing Center (confirm) for 2 seconds.

OFF Turns the thermostat off.
F F: Floor sensor
A2: External sensor
A2F: Room + floor sensor
Sen Select the right Ohm value for your external/floor sensor
NTC type (10, 12, 15, 22, 33 or 47kΩ)
Default 10kΩ
CAE Calibration for external sensor
CAF Calibration for floor sensor
br1 Adjusting the display brightness
Con Activation of inclusion/exclusion mode
diF Hysteresis
ALo Setting lowest allowed temperature (limitation) - external room sensor
AHI Setting highest allowed temperature (limitation) - external room sensor
Flo Setting lowest allowed temperature (limitation) - floor sensor
FHI Setting highest allowed temperature (limitation) - floor sensor
HEA Switching between heating or cooling
ESC Escape – exit programming menu


  1. Open Futurehome app, verify you are on the right household.
  2. Start inclusion in Futurehome app, for more information go to this article.
  3. Select "non-secure inclusion" and "include known devices faster", start inclusion.
  4. Put the thermostat in inclusion mode: press Center (confirm) button for 10 seconds.
  5. The display will show "OFF".
  6. Press Right (down) button several times until the display shows “Con”.Multireg_mockup_con2_NO.png
  7. On the thermostat:Hold the center (confirm) button for approximately 2 seconds. Adding/removing mode is indicated on the display by rotating LED segments. 
  8. The app will confirm the device has been found.
  9. The display on the thermostat will show Inc.
  10. Once the device has been included, the correct channels need to be set up.

Make sure that the device has the correct name under device type. The device should appear as "Heatit - Z-TRM2FX" and not "411_3_514". If the device does not have the correct name, it should be deleted and entered again.


ZTRM2fx has support for the Multichannel Command Class, meaning you will get multiple channels after inclusion:

  • Channel 0 = Physical device used for configuration of e.g. parameters etc.
  • Channel 1 = The thermostat
  • Channel 2 = External room temperature sensor
  • Channel 3 = Floor sensor
  • Channel 4 = Relay

The following channels should be used with Futurehome:

  • Channel 0 - This channel is not in use. Place it in "no room".
  • Channel 1 - Give it a name and place it in a room.
  • Channel 2 - place this in the same room as channel 1 if you're using a wired room sensor.
    • Tip: If the device does not have a wired external sensor, we recommend to place channel 2 in an outdoor room. This is because the sensor will report 0 degrees and will generate a message about low temperature and warnings on the timeline.
      Create a new room i.e. "Not in use", note that it is an outdoor room and save. Then place channel 2 in this room.
  • Channel 3 - put this in the same room as channel 1 if you're using a floor sensor.
  • Channel 4 - Do not use this channel for now. If the relay is set with heater function, Futurehome will override the thermostat and can damage parquet floors, for example.
    • October 2020 change: You can now create a separate room called "Heating cables" and place channel 4 in this room with heater function. No other temperature sensors must be placed in this room. You need to have vinculum version 3.0.21 or later.


Sometimes you want to delete an included device or re-enter it. To delete the flood sensor from your Smarthub, you must do the following:

  1. Go to settings settings.svg → devices → select your device → setup.svg settings → navigate to the bottom and select delete.
  2. Smarthub is now in exclusion mode.
  3. Repeat the same procedure on the device as when including.
  4. The thermostat will display EcL if the device was deleted.

Factory reset

To reset a device, press and hold the middle (confirm) and the right (down) button for 20 seconds.

Note: Use this procedure only when the Smarthub is missing or the device needs to be reset to be included to another network or when it cannot be included.


The thermostat has 2 main programs: CO (comfort) and ECO (economy). Pressing the middle (confirm) button for 2 seconds switches between these two. Normally, you have two different temperatures for these:

  • CO: Normal room temperature, for example 22 ºC.
  • ECO: Used in rooms that are rarely used or if you are away. ECO can also be activated via the pilot wire on the back of the thermostat.

It is not recommended to use this built-in function for lowering the temperature, this is done with the use of modes, shortcuts or time settings in the Futurehome app.

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