Heatit ZTRM2fx Thermostat

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The Heatit Z-TRM2fx is a wall-mounted thermostat designed for controlling electric underfloor heating systems.

Manufacturer Heatit Controlls
EL number 5430560
Suppliers item number TF 033
ETIM Class EC010927 - Room thermostat

Installation guide

Note: Installation must be done by a certified electrician. Before installation, disconnect any power to the thermostat mains. During the installation, the power to the thermostat must be disconnected at all times.

  1. Install the device according to the manual.
  2. Turn on the voltage to the device.
  3. Open the Futurehome app, go to settings settings.svg → devices → add a device → Z-Wave.
  4. Select "non-secure inclusion" and "include known devices faster" → start.
  5. Press and hold the centre (confirm) button for 10 seconds → the display will show "OFF".
  6. Press the right (down) button several times until the display shows “Con”.
  7. Hold the centre (confirm) button for approximately 2 seconds.
  8. The display on the thermostat will show a rotating circle and then Inc.
  9. After inclusion, find the device in the device list and press “settings”.
  10. Give it a name, the correct function and place it in a room → save.
    Note: Make sure to use the correct channels. Read more below.

Additional info


The device has 5 channels:

  • channel 0: a physical device used for configuration
    • rename if you prefer, don’t place in a room
  • channel 1: the thermostat
    • place it in a room in the app
  • channel 2: external room temperature sensor
    • if you are using a wired room sensor, place it in the same room as channel 1
  • channel 3: floor sensor
    • put this in the same room as channel 1 if you are using a floor sensor
  • channel 4: a relay
    • To get energy data, you can create a separate room called "Heating cables" and place channel 4 in this room with the heater function. No other temperature sensors must be placed in this room.

You can learn more about channels here.

Factory reset

To reset a device, press and hold the centre (confirm) and the right (down) buttons for 20 seconds. It will display Res.

Thermostat programs

The thermostat has 2 main programs:

  • CO (comfort): normal room temperature
  • ECO (economy): for rarely used rooms and if you are away

To switch the mode press the centre (confirm) button for 2 seconds. It is recommended to always use CO, as the ECO will not let you override the set temperature.

Technical details

Rated voltage 230V
Power consumption <2,0W
Max current 13A
Height 87
Width 87
Depth 51.1
Communication Z-Wave


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