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A scene can be compared to a shortcut, but it is a physical entity that activates the actions. For example, it can be a press on a switch that activates a mode or shortcut.

What is needed?

To set up a scene, you first need a device that supports scenes. The vast majority of wireless switches, and some fixed ones, have support for them. If in doubt, check the manual for the device, see under COMMAND CLASSES if it has COMMAND_CLASS_CENTRAL_SCENE or SCENE_ACTIVATION. 


  1. Open the app → go to settings settings.svg → automations triggers.svg → + automation → scene scenes.svg.
  2. Find your device in the list and tap it. If it is not on the list, check that it is included and is placed in a room.
  3. When the app asks for scene id → physically press the button you want to configure. The ID of the button will appear in this field.
  4. Then choose which modes the scene should apply to. In the example above, the scene will be activated in modes: home, away and night. If you press the button while the house is in holiday mode, nothing will happen.
  5. Press "next" and then choose what should happen. If you want to activate a mode or shortcut, select "modes", if you want to select specific devices, press "device". Once you have chosen what should happen, press "next" and then "save".
  6. Test if it works.

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