Time-based automations

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This is the article about time-based automations.
Learn about automations here.


Thanks to time-based automations, you can create actions that will happen automatically at the time you choose. An example could be: “Change mode to Home every day of the week at 06:00 AM”.

Creating an automation

  1. Go to settings settings.svg → automation → + automation → time.
  2. Specify the time that will trigger the automation by choosing one of the options below:
    • select hour → fill in the specific hour → choose on what day(s) the automation will be triggered (recurring day(s) or one time)
    • or select sunrise/sunset → move the slider to adjust the timing

Group   Group  Group

  1. Select the modes in which the automation will be triggered. The automation will not be triggered in the modes which are not selected. Then press next step.
  2. Select what to trigger, either mode or device → choose what should happen → next step → save.
    Shortcuts are found under modes.

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