Consumption-based automations

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To automate actions based on real-time consumption, you must have a Smarthub and a HAN sensor that is compatible with Futurehome.

With this automation, we want to cut the consumption peaks so that the total consumption does not exceed a desired level. This is particularly important in view of the grid tariff model that has been introduced in Norway.

Note that this automation is built in a very simple way and therefore has no protection against conflicting automations. It is strongly advised against triggering an automation to turn a device on again if the consumption drops. As an example: "Consumption over 6kW → turn VVB off" and "Consumption below 4.5kW → turn VVB on". If the boiler uses 2kW it will now turn itself off and on all the time. It destroys a device and potentially the Smarthub. Remember to read the entire guide before creating the automations.

Creating an automation

1. Go to settings settings.svg → automations → + automation.


2. Select the sensor → “wattage” → HAN-sensor.

auto2-F.svg   AUTO3_f.svg

3. Choose the limit for an action to happen. For example, consumption above 5 kW.

4. Choose in which modes you want the automation to work. If all modes are blue, the automation will take place regardless of which mode the home is in. Press next.


5. Choose what will happen. For example, the heating cables in the bathroom should go down to 20 degrees. Select Thermostat Bath and set the temperature you want.

6. Tap on the + sign and choose how long it should take before it is reversed again. Also choose how many degrees are desired after the given time. In this example, we want 23 degrees after 30 minutes.

auto5_f.svg   auto6_f.svg 

7. Now you can save the automation.

Keep in mind

  1. This automation is set up at your own risk. If it is not set up wisely, there is a risk of creating conflicting automations and then this automation will be triggered, not the other one causing the conflict. It is because "last message applies" and since the HAN sensors send in the consumption much more often than other devices, the HAN sensor will have the last message, which triggers this automation.
  2. We strongly advise against turning anything back on when the total consumption goes below a given value and recommend using the time setting as in point 6 of the guide. That is because the HAN sensor sends in data frequently and for each message from the sensor that is below the given value, the automation will be triggered. This can potentially happen up to 30-50 times per minute and will consume the capacity of the Smarthub.
  3. The person setting up the automations should take into consideration to the total load in the household, so that the limits are not set too high or too low. It could result in automations kicking in far too early or not at all. Also note that general consumption increases in winter. It may therefore be necessary to adjust the limits slightly during this time.

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