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Now you can create automations based on energy spot price! Based on hourly rates directly from Nord Pool we calculate the average price of the day. You can trigger action based on the percentage above or below daily average price.

Say that the average price a day is NOK 1 and that you want to turn off the water boiler if it exceeds NOK 1.05. Then set the automation to "When electricity price exceeds 5% of average price → turn off water boiler".

Futurehome app ≥ 7.2.10
energy-guard ≥ 0.2.0
tpflow ≥ 1.3.11
cloud-bridge ≥ 1.6.0

How to set up?

1. You can create this by going to settings settings.svg → automation → + automation.

priceauto1.svg   priceauto2.svg

2. Here you select "energy" and choose which zone you are in. If you are not sure, you can enter your zip code. After the zone selection, you must choose what percentage above or below the current average price you want something to trigger.
In this example we want it to trigger at 5% higher than average. If the daily average is 1 NOK, this automation will be triggered if the price exceeds 1,05 NOK.

priceauto3.svg   priceauto4.svg

3. Then select which modes this should happen in. If all modes are marked in blue, the automation will be triggered regardless of mode.

4. You have now chosen what triggers the automation.
Now you have to choose which devices to do an action. Here we have chosen to turn off water boiler.
If you press the + icon, you can choose a reverse action if the condition is no longer met. In this case the boiler will turn back on if the price drops below our set value.

priceauto6.svg   priceauto7.svg

5. Press next step and save the automations. 

If we look at the prices in Oslo at 10th of June 2022, the automations will trigger like this:


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