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The thermostat should always be installed by a qualified electrician. Before installation, disconnect any power to the thermostat mains. During installation of the thermostat, power to the thermostat must be disconnected at all times.

When the thermostat is wired according to the producers manual it's ready to be included with Futurehome Smarthub.

Thermostat menu

To activate the programming mode, press Center (confirm) for 10 seconds. The display will show OFF. You are now in programming mode. To scroll up and down in the menu, use buttons 1 and 3 (left and right) to navigate. To enter the submenu, press Center (confirm). Always confirm your setting by pressing Center (confirm) for 2 seconds. Sto will appear to indicate saved settings.

OFF Turns the thermostat off.
F F: Floor sensor
A: Internal sensor
AF: Internal sensor + floor sensor
A2: External room sensor
A2F: External room sensor + floor sensor
Sen Select the right Ohm value for your external/floor sensor
NTC type (10, 12, 15, 22, 33 or 47kΩ)
Default 10kΩ
CAE Calibration for external sensor
CAF Calibration for floor sensor
CAr Calibration for internal sensor
br1 The display brightness may be adjusted in this menu
Con Activation of inclusion/exclusion mode
diF Hysteresis
ALo Setting lowest allowed temperature (limitation). (Air sensor)
AHI Setting highest allowed temperature (limitation). (Air sensor)
Flo Setting lowest allowed temperature (limitation). (Floor sensor)
FHI >Setting highest allowed temperature (limitation). (Floor sensor)
A2L Setting lowest allowed temperature (limitation). (A2 air sensor)
A2H Setting highest allowed temperature (limitation). (A2 air sensor)
ESC Escape – exit programming menu

If you choose F without having a floor sensor connected, Er4 will be shown in the display. If you choose A2 or A2F and there is no external sensor installed, Er5 will be displayed on the screen.


  1. Open Futurehome-app, verify you are on the right household.
  2. Start inclusion on Futurehome app, if needed a description is found here.
  3. Put the thermostat in inclusion mode by:
  4. Press Center (confirm) button for 10 seconds.
  5. The display will show "OFF".Multireg_mockup_01_NO.png
  6. Press Right (down) 5 times until you see Con on the display.Multireg_mockup_con2_NO.png
  7. On the thermostat:Hold the center (confirm) button for approximately 2 second. Adding/removing mode is indicated on the display by rotating LED segments on the display. 
  8. The app will display “Device found, configuring”.
  9. Both the app and the thermostat indicate a successful inclusion.
  10. The display on the thermostat will show Inc.
  11. The device is now included and needs setup of channels.


Heatit Z-TRM3 has support for the Multichannel Command Class, meaning when included to Futurehome you will get multiple channels. These are the channels:

  • Channel 0 = Physical device used for configuration of e.g. parameters etc.
  • Channel 1 = The thermostat
  • Channel 2 = Internal room temperature sensor
  • Channel 3 = External room temperature sensor
  • Channel 4 = Floor sensor

The following channels should be used with Futurehome:

  • Channel 0 - This channel is not in use. Place it to "no room".
  • Channel 1 - Give it a name and place it in a room.
  • Channel 2 - place this in the same room as channel 1 if you're using internal room temperature sensor
  • Channel 3 -place this in the same room as channel 1 if you're using external room temperature sensor
  • Channel 4 -place this in the same room as channel 1 if you're using floor sensor

Tips: The channels not in use should be placed in "no room", and select type "nothing".


Some times you want to remove a included device, or delete it to add it again. To exclude the thermostat from your Smarthub do the following:

  1. Open the Futurehome-app, verify you are on the right household.
  2. Start exclusion on Futurehome app.
  3. Repeat the same procedure as when including.
  4. The thermostat will display EcL if the device was deleted.Multireg_mockup_EcL_NO.png
  5. App will also display that the device was excluded.

Factory reset - RES

By pressing buttons Right and Center (down and confirm) for 20 seconds, the thermostat will perform a complete factory reset

The device will display rES for 10 seconds while performing a factory reset. When rES no longer is displayed, the thermostat has been reset.

NB: Please use this procedure only when the Smarthub is missing or otherwise inoperable.


To verify which Smarthub the Heatit Z-TRM3 is compatible with look at the list of supported products here.

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