Heatit Z-TRM3 Thermostat

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The Heatit Z-TRM3 is an electronic Z-Wave thermostat specifically designed for electrical underfloor heating. It fits in standard European wall boxes and provides real-time information about power consumption. It has a built-in sensor and also can be connected to two external ones.

Manufacturer Heatit Controls
EL number 5430599
Suppliers item number 5430599
ETIM class EC010927 - Room thermostat


The thermostat should be installed by an authorised installer. The power to the thermostat must always be disconnected during installation.

Once the thermostat is connected according to the manufacturer's user manual, it can be included in the Futurehome Smarthub.


To add the device, the Smarthub must be put in inclusion mode.

  1. Open the app → settings settings.svg → devices → add device → Z-wave → start.
  2. Put the thermostat in inclusion mode. Hold down the centre button until it says OFF → press down until it says Con → hold down the centre button for 3 seconds.
  3. When the thermostat is found in the app, it will configure and then appear at the bottom of your device list.


The thermostat has three temperature sensors: an internal room sensor, an external room sensor, and a floor sensor. By default, it is set to the room sensor.

  1. Select the sensor on the thermostat by holding down the centre button until it says OFF.

  2. Press down once → press centre.

  3. Press ∆ or ∇ to change the sensor selection.
    F = Floor sensor
    A = Internal room sensor
    AF = Internal and floor*
    A2 = External room sensor
    A2F = External and floor*

  4. Confirm by holding the centre for 2 seconds.

*The maximum temperature limiter uses the room sensor as a main sensor but will cut the heat if the floor sensor reaches 27 degrees. This is suitable for wooden floors that don’t tolerate high heat.

The thermostat has multiple channels. Place the desired channels in the room to achieve the desired function.

  • Channel 0 = Physical device for configurations - do not place in the room.
  • Channel 1 = Thermostat - place in the room.
  • Channel 2 = Internal room sensor - place in the room if in use.
  • Channel 3 = External room sensor - place in the room if in use.
  • Channel 4 = Floor sensor - place in the room if in use.

For more information about channels, check this link.


  1. Go to settings settings.svg → devices → remove device → start.
  2. Hold down the centre button on the thermostat until it says OFF → press down until it says Con → hold the centre for 3 seconds.

Technical details

Voltage 230VAC 50Hz
Max load (resistive load) 3600W
Max current 16A
Power consumption on standby 2W
Height (mm) 78
Width (mm) 125
Depth (mm) 114
Communication Z-Wave


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