Fibaro Dimmer 2

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Fibaro dimmer 2 can easily be installed behind existing light switches. It can operate a connected light source wirelessly or through a connected wall switch. The dimmer also measures power consumption.

If the dimmer has a connected load with a power consumption of less than 50W, Fibaro Bypass 2 FGB-002 is required to function optimally.

Manufacturer Fibaro
EL number 4512380
Suppliers item number 4512380
ETIM Class EC001094 - Dimming actuator for bus system

Installation guide

Note: Installation must be done by a certified electrician. The unit has current-carrying components when the load is switched off. All maintenance must be carried out on an isolated course.

  1. Install the dimmer according to the wiring diagram.
L S1 S2 Sx N ~ B
Phase leader Switch 1 connection (also used for inclusion with Smarthub) Connection for Switch 2 Connection for the supply of connected switch (L) Neutral Conductor Connection Dimming output level Function switch (used for inclusion and menu navigation)
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  1. Turn on the voltage to the dimmer. If it is the first time it is powered, the dimmer will run an automatic calibration of the connected load. You can only start inclusion after the calibration is finished.
  2. Open the Futurehome app, go to settings → devices → add a device → Z-Wave.
  3. Select "force non-secure inclusion" and "include known devices faster". (If the device does not work correctly, try without "include known devices faster" checked.)
  4. Quickly press 3 times within 1.5 seconds on the "B" button or connected switch on the S1 input.
  5. After inclusion, find the dimmer in the device list and press “settings”.
  6. Give the dimmer a name, the correct function and place it in a room → save.
    Note: Make sure to use the correct channels. Read more below.

Additional information


In the app, the Fibaro Dimmer has 3 channels:

  • channel 0: the device itself, must be left without functionality
  • channel 1: used in the app for controlling the dimmer, place in a room and give a function.
  • channel 2: the S2 input on the device, used for the associations (if you have a switch connected to S2)

For more information about channels, check this link.

Factory reset

  1. Using the dimmer:
    Press and hold the B button until the LED lights up yellow → release and quickly press once again → after a few seconds the LED should light up red.
  2. Using the app:
    Start Z-Wave exclusion (settings → devices → remove device) → press the B button or connected light switch 3 times within 1.5 seconds.

Technical details

Power supply 100-240V
Power consumption < 1.3W
Operational current 0.25-1.1A
Height 38.25
Width 42.5
Depth 20.3
Communication Z-Wave


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