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It doesn't look like my devices are controlled by Power Manager?

  • First, check if the Manager is activated. Open the app and click on Energy, then the lightning bolt in the top right. If it's not activated, do so and follow the steps. If it says that you are missing HAN, please check the requirements for the Power Manager.
  • If the panel is active, check if it's an expensive or cheap hour here: https://www.hvakosterstrommen.no/. If it's red, the devices should be off, if it's green they should be on.


The consumption exceeds the limit in Power Manager?

  • A too low threshold has been set compared to what is realistic. Check elhub.no to see historical consumption. If the home usually peaks at 18 kWh, it's not realistic to set the limit at 10 kWh.
  • There are too few or small devices connected to the Power Manager. This means that there is not enough flexible load to compensate for consumption that cannot be moved. The more devices that are available for savings, the better the Manager works.


My water boiler is on, but it shows 0 W consumption?

  • This may be because the water boiler has reached its maximum temperature and does not need more heating. The relay is still on because the electricity price is within the cheap hours.


My thermostat is in "sleep mode"?

  • If your consumption is approaching the limit for simultaneous consumption, the devices will begin to scale down to save enough electricity to remain under the limit. On the thermostat, this is putting it into "sleep mode".

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