Troubleshoot login issues

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Incorrect login or password

In case you enter incorrect login credentials, the app will display one of these messages:

  • Email is invalid
    1. check that the email follows the proper email address format:
  • Username or password incorrect
    1. check if you did not make a mistake in your username and your password
    2. check if you entered the username that you used for this account
    3. check if you entered the password you used for this account

If none of these solutions work, try resetting your password (see Forgotten password below).

Forgotten password

If you forget your password:

  1. Tap “forgot?” at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Enter your email.
  3. Tap “send”.
  4. You will receive a Futurehome Password Reset email, open it and click on “New password”.
  5. Set your new password.
  6. Return to the Futurehome app and log in using your email and a new password.

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No internet connection

If you try to log in and there is a problem with the internet connection, the app will display a message: “Server didn’t respond”. A banner with the message “connecting” will also appear on the top of the screen. In this case:

  1. double-check your network connection
  2. if still an issue, check

Inactive account

After you create a user you have to activate your account. If you do not activate your account after creating a user and then try to log in, the app will display the message “username or password incorrect”. In this case:

  1. check your email and open the “Welcome to Futurehome” email (if you cannot find the email, please check spam folder)
  2. click on the “Activate” button in the email
  3. after the successful activation return to the app and log in

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Device compatibility issues

To check if your device meets the app requirements:

  1. go to the App Store or Google Play and look for information on the required system versions

Technical issues with the app

If you cannot log in and you do not see the explanation above, we may be experiencing temporary technical issues. In this case:

  1. check for up-to-date status information

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