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Thermostat shows completely wrong temperature reading?

The most common mistake during thermostat setup is using an older floor sensor. This is most likely compatible, but you need to double-check the kOhms resistance in it. The one that comes with it is 10 kOhms, and the thermostat is set to this as a standard.

Open the thermostat's menu by holding the + and - buttons together for 5 seconds. Scroll to menu 02 with one press of the … button and choose the value with + and -. Confirm with power button.
0: 10 kOhm (included)
1: 12 kOhm
2: 15 kOhm
3: 47 kOhm


Clock is incorrect?

The time on the thermostat is retrieved from our system. Check that the Smarthub is updated, and if the clock is still incorrect, try restarting the Smarthub. If this doesn't help, try disconnecting the power to the thermostat and leaving it without power for 2-3 minutes.


Thermostat sets high temperatures by itself

In most cases where it seems like the thermostat is setting the temperature by itself, it turns out that the user has touched the temperature scale in the app itself. We have experienced that the slider is very sensitive, and many have accidentally adjusted it while scrolling on the climate page. This is being worked on, but in the meantime, be aware of this. For all of you with wooden floor, remember to check that the maximum temperature is set as a safety feature on the thermostat. (Menu number 1 - value 2)


Thermostat switches modes by itself

  • The thermostat may be in auto mode on the thermostat, causing it to switch between modes in a pre-programmed weekly schedule. The solution is to set heat mode.
  • If you have activated the Power Manager, this optimization may set modes on the thermostat. In these cases, it is intended to switch between modes to save power.


I can't see consumption from the thermostat

There are two versions of our thermostat. The first one doesn't have a built-in power meter, while the other one does. You can identify these by going into the thermostat in the app.

  • The one without power metering will have a field called "additional functions". Here you can manually enter the consumption of the thermostat. Remember to enter a value here. If not, it won't be able to identify that the consumption is coming from this device.
  • The other version has this built-in and will therefore not have any "additional functions". If you don't get your consumption here, it is recommended to disconnect the power from the thermostat for 2-3 minutes before powering it back on.


The room temperature is completely wrong.

The thermostat has two channels (explanation of channels can be found here). The first channel is the main channel that gives you the thermostat functionality and the measured temperature from the selected sensor on the thermostat. The second channel shows the temperature of the sensor that is not selected. Here, you should only place the first channel in the room. This is because the room takes the average of all temperature sensors in the room. The thermostat will not be affected by this, but the room temperature will be incorrect.


The thermostat is completely black, nothing happens when I press it.

This can happen if you turn off the thermostat after the lock has been set. The solution is to hold down the - and menu button together for 8 seconds. This will deactivate the lock and you can now hold down the on/off button until the thermostat is turned on.

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