Futurehome HAN sensor troubleshoot

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Important: The HAN port needs to be opened and the HAN sensor is not built for outdoors use!

We have identified a problem where the Futurehome HAN sensor does not report data from certain Kamstrup AMS meters. This is due to low voltage from the HAN port adapter in the Kamstrup AMS meter, which causes the HAN sensor to not receive sufficient power.

This does not apply to all Kamstrup AMS meters and we are working to determine the extent of the issue. More information will be provided as soon as we know more about the cause and solution.

The HAN sensor is showing wrong values or no data?

  • Update the app and the Smarthub. The Zigbee update includes an update for the HAN sensors that should resolve these errors. Once the Smarthub update is completed, you will see in the timeline that an OTA update for the HAN sensors will soon start. This can take several hours, as an installer, you do not need to wait with the customer.


The HAN sensor is showing errors or no data after the update?

  • Delete the device from the system and add it back in. Open the app → settings → devices → HAN-sensor → settings → delete. Reset the HAN-sensor by holding down the pairing button on the HAN sensor for 15 seconds (3 quick blinks of the LED indicator). Unplug the HAN-sensor and start a new inclusion in the app, while the HAN-sensor is unplugged. Settings → devices → add new device → Zigbee → start. Plug the HAN-sensor back in and wait for it to appear in the app. Place in room.
  • Still showing wrong values. Swap the HAN-sensor.


I have a HAN sensor, but the PowerManager says I am missing one?

  • First, check that you have a compatible HAN sensor. Currently, only the Futurehome HAN sensor Gen. 2 is compatible. It looks like this:


  • Check that it reports "power." Press the HAN sensor in the app and check the values it reports. It is important that it reports consumption so that it can control devices based on this. If it does not report consumption, update the Smarthub and let the HAN-sensor do its update. This can take some time, no need to wait at the customers.
  • Check your timeline. If it doesn’t report anything and is unable to log events, there is a database error on the Smarthub. Please contact support. We are aware of the error and the fix, so there is no need to wait with the customer if you are an installer.
  • If timeline works, but Power Manager still reports “missing HAN”. Delete the device and re-include it. If the issue remains, reach out to support.


Signal problems

  • Symptoms of signal problems are: exclamation marks in the app. Check manual." The energy history is missing one hour but has double consumption next hour. This means that it had weak signal when the missing hour report was sent, which accumulates next hour.


The HAN sensor is constantly lit red.

  • This indicates that the HAN sensor is defective. Contact support.

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