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With smart access control, you can control your door locks from anywhere in the world. You can easily unlock your house from the app and no longer need to bring keys when you leave the house. With a smart door lock, you also don't have to give your key to the electrician or friends, you can easily let them in straight from the Futurehome app or create a new code and then delete it when they no longer need access.

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Supported features

Due to limitations in certain models/implementation agreements etc., supported functions will vary slightly between models/suppliers.
The table below describes what is available from the Futurehome App - i.e. some functions can only be used locally on the lock (for example adding a keytag, bio-id etc.).

  • Feature IDLock
    Danalock V3
    Lock/unlock Yes Yes Yes - limited unlock Yes - limited unlock Yes - limited unlock
    Doorstatus open/closed Yes No Yes Yes No
    Doorstatus locked/unlocked Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Add pin Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes
    Edit pin Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes
    Delete pin Yes Yes* Yes Yes Yes
    Pin length 4-10 4 4-10 6 4-6
    Number of pin codes 50+ 25 50+ 10 10
    Add keytag No No No Yes No
    Remove keytag No No No Yes No
    Number of keytags 0 0 0 10 0
    Set language No No No Yes No
    Set volume No No No Yes No
    Control in modes / shortcuts Yes Yes Yes - limited unlock Yes - limited unlock Yes - limited unlock
    Needs authentication to unlock No No Yes Yes Yes
    Needs authentication to unlock from APP Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Autolock Yes No No Yes Yes
    Autolock in modes / shortcuts No No No No No
    Control in the event of a fire No No No No No
    * everything related to pin codes on Danalock will require a DanaPad

Known issue: We have noticed that some users are unable to unlock via the app. This is due to an error with biometric identification, Face ID or fingerprint on iPhone. Android users are not affected by this issue. We are working on the matter, but in the meantime, you can disable Face ID or fingerprint to bypass the issue. Open iPhone → Settings → Futurehome → Disable Face ID or fingerprint.

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