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The security feature assesses the level of security in your household by analysing data from motion sensors and checking the status of doors and windows. It allows you to quickly check if there has been any movement and which doors and windows have been opened.

  1. The security tile displays the number of:
    • doors that are currently open (red)
    • windows that are currently open (orange)
    • motion sensors detecting movement (blue)
  2. Tap the tile to open the security tab.
    Group 2535 (1).svg

  3. In the security tab, you can see how many doors and windows are open and how many sensors report motion.
  4. Tap on each category to open the category details.
    Group 2534.svg

  5. In the category details:
    • see the statuses of all sensors
    • see the time of the last change of status
  6. You can tap on a chosen device to open its settings.
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