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Futurehome is an innovative smart home system that allows you to easily make better use of your home. The Futurehome smart home system allows you to control lighting, climate, water boilers, and electric vehicle chargers, among other things. The system focuses on energy optimisation for reduced energy costs and to promote a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

The system can be operated while you’re home or from anywhere in the world with internet access. You have full control over what is happening at all times, so you don't have to worry about the state of your home whether you are at work or on holiday.


Intelligent lighting and heating control

You can automate lighting and heating control with, for example, time settings, motion sensors, and electricity prices. You can also use the app to control the lights and heat with just one touch. For more information on setting up automatic control, read the article about automations.

Energy optimisation

With Futurehome, you can also save a lot of money. By activating the Power Manager, your devices will be automated based on electricity prices and the grid tariff model. For more information on energy optimisation, read the article about the Power Manager.

Overview and security

You will have full control and overview of your home no matter where you are. You can let the electrician in, receive notifications if someone is in the home while you are away, or receive notifications if the smoke alarm goes off.

Easy to set up - Easier to expand

It is incredibly easy to configure Futurehome, and anyone can do it right from their smartphone. A complete smart home can now be set up in hours instead of days. It is also easy to add more smart devices to the home at a later time.

The wireless building

Futurehome communicates wirelessly over radio frequencies. This provides unlimited flexibility and saves both installation time and materials.

Futurehome is built around Zigbee and Z-Wave, two major standards in wireless communication. This means that Futurehome supports a wide range of products. See a complete list of supported products.


In addition, we have a range of cloud integrations, which allow you to use other smart devices such as Easee and Zaptec electric vehicle chargers, Mill and Adax panel heaters, Netatmo weather stations, and more.


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