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In this article we will show you how to set up your smarthome. 
We will start with connecting the hub and pairing it to your household.







Step 1 - Download the app

It's very easy to get started with your new smart home from Futurehome. If you have not already done so, go to the App Store or Google Play to download the Futurehome application.

download_apple.jpeg  download_google.jpeg

Futurehome supports Apple iPhone from version 8 and up, as well as Android-based smartphones from version 5 and up.

Step 2 - Create a user or login

If you do not already have a user, you must register to use the app. Tap "sign up" at the bottom of the screen. and fill in the email and desired password, then tap "sign up". You will receive an email with a link that you have to click on to activate your account.


After activating your account, you can see your user profile by clicking settings at the bottom right and then click on "you". You can edit the information by clicking on "personal info". For the best possible app experience, it is important that this information is correct.

After setting up your account, you need to create your household, as shown in the next step.

first2_f.svg   first3_f.svg  

Step 3 - Create a new household

To create a household, click on "Create Your Household" from the overview screen. It is important that you fill in the information as accurately as possible.

If an electrician has set up Futurehome for you, it will not be necessary to set up a location. The electrician will transfer ownership of the household to you and everything described below will have been set up in advance.

If you set up Futurehome yourself, it is important to fill in as much information about the location as possible so that we can adapt the service to you and the others in the home accordingly. Do not worry if you do not have all the details, they can be filled out at a later date, if desired.

Choose the correct address and map position for the location. Over time, more functions will be built on the actual position of the location. The position is also used to determine the correct time, date and time for sunrise/sunset and similar.


Step 4 - Turn on and pair your Smarthub with the household

Turn on your Smarthub

To guarantee the best possible range for your Smarthub, it should be placed as centrally in the home as possible. It should also be placed where it can be connected to the network cable.

Connect the Smarthub with the supplied network cable and power adapter as instructed below. Your Smarthub will now start automatically. The start-up can take up to five minutes. During the start-up phase, the logo at the top of Smarthub will first blink green, then it will light up white.

Pair your Smarthub with the household

Make sure the Smarthub is on. Remember that it can take several minutes for the Smarthub to turn on. Then click on "Add Smarthub" in the overview in the app and follow the instructions. You can either pair the Smart Hub by scanning the QR code or by manually entering the serial number. Both the QR code and the serial number are located on the underside of the Smarthub.

Note: If your Smarthub does not have a QR-code and the serial number is A1013Exxxxx, you need to contact support. With the Classic Smarthubs there is no way to add it to a site without getting the correct serial number from support.  


first4_f.svg   first5_f.svg

If your Smarthub was paired correctly, you can proceed to the next step and add your first device.

If the pairing was not successful, refer to the Smarthub troubleshooting article.

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