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  • SafeKontroll is the app where you have a total overview of the safe system. Here you will see the status of all the smoke sensors, the resident list and receive notifications in case of deviations. This is also where you change the resident list and contact information.
  • You do this by opening SafeKontroll → select building → select housing unit. There you will find "+ contact". Here you enter your name, telephone number, e-mail and which priority. To remove a resident, select building → select housing unit → tap on the resident → “delete”.
  • Open SafeKontroll → press settings settings.svg → board members. Here you can add a user by pressing "+ board member" and you can remove an existing one by pressing the relevant user and revoking access.

  • deviceInclusion.png
    Green icon next to the smoke sensor in the app means that everything is working as intended.

    Orange icon means something is wrong. Tap on the notification to see extended explanation.

    Device offline = we do not have contact with the smoke sensor. There can be various reasons for this, e.g. empty battery, that the signals have dropped out, or that someone has removed the batteries. Solution: First check if it has power. Press the button on the alarm, and if there is no sound and light, you must change the battery. If it has a battery and is still offline, the resident must contact support - 23 50 68 47.

    Sabotaged = the device has been taken down from its mount and not reassembled properly. If this is in combination with "Device offline", it may indicate that the resident has taken it down and removed the batteries. Solution: Make sure the alarm is properly seated in its mount. This is verified by resident receiving an SMS when it is secured again.

    Low battery = the device will soon run out of power and the batteries should be replaced. If this is in combination with "Unit offline", it indicates that the batteries have run out. Please replace as soon as possible.

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