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There are two ways to view error messages. They are displayed in the timeline and in the information about a sensor.   

Information about a sensor


There are three types of errors you can see in the information about a sensor: offline, low battery and sabotage.
Offline means that we have lost contact with the sensor.
Low battery means it is time to change the battery. (The annunciators use 3 x CR123)
Tampered means that the detector is not seated properly in the mounting bracket. Often this means that it has been taken down.
Based on these error messages, different scenarios can be assumed. If the sensor has reported being tampered with and offline, there is a high probability that the resident has taken it down, tampered with it, and then removed the batteries, which leads to offline. If the message is low battery and then offline, most likely the batteries have run out.

The timeline


In the timeline, all events will appear with an icon and an associated text. Here we list all the scenarios with icon and text.


smokeDetected.svg   smoke-off.svg
Smoke detected by <residential unit> - <zone>. For example "Smoke detected in H0301 - Smartgata 1".   If the resident silences the alarm and clears the smoke, this icon will be displayed with the text "Smoke is no longer detected by H0301 - Smartgata 1".


sdcoDisconnected.svg   gasReplaceOK.svg

If the sensor has lost contact with the control panel, it will report a signal error after 12 hours. "Signal failure registered for 12 hours on unit H0202 - Smartgata 1".

  When the sensor contacts the control center again, it will report "Unit is communicating normally again H0202 - Smartgata 1".




heatOverheated.svg   heatUnderheated.svg   heatTempRiseOK.svg
Smoke detector detected very high temperature. "High temperature registered by H0301 - Smartgata 1".   “Device reports critical low temperature. H0301 - Smart Street 1”.   When the temperature is back to normal, it will report “Unit reports normal temperature again. H0301 - Smart Street 1”.


gasCO.svg   floodDetected.svg   smokeCleared.svg
This icon is displayed during CO detection with the text "CO gas registered in H0301 - Smartgata 1".   Certain housing associations also have water leakage sensors. Here is the icon for the leak with text informing about where it was discovered.   When clearing both CO and water leakage, this is the icon you will see. The text informs that the event in question has been cleared.


Group_1184.svg   Group_1185.svg
This icon is described as tampered. Inside a sensor, there is a small pin that detects whether it is in its bracket or not. If someone takes down their sensor, it will trigger this error message "Tamper detected on unit H0103 - Smartgata 1”.   When the sensor is placed in the bracket again, it will report "The device is safe again H0103 - Smartgata 1”.



If an alarm goes off in an apartment and it is not silenced before it triggers the series connection, this icon will appear with text that there is an alarm in the building (including zone name "Smartgata 1").


confirmed.svg   cancel.svg
If an alarm is triggered and it is confirmed via the app, this will appear with information that the alarm has been escalated. It also means that the alarm center will send the fire brigade and security guards.   This icon is displayed if the alarm has been silenced from the app. It sends a signal to the alarm center that everything is alright.



If the alarm is cancelled, you will see this icon as confirmation that it has been turned off.

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