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There are often changes among residents in a housing association and it is important that the contact information is correct at all times. This is because the alarm center contacts the registered contact person(s) when alarms are triggered. If the contact information is incorrect, you may risk an unnecessary visit by the fire service.

Remember that it is the board's responsibility to ensure that the residents list is always up to date.

Add a resident

To add a resident, open the Safe kontroll app and navigate to the housing unit you wish to add a resident to. On the homepage, click on the relevant zone and then select the housing unit. At the bottom of the page click on "+ contact person". Fill in the correct information. First name, last name and phone number are required. Email is optional, but we recommend entering it so that Futurehome can more easily get in touch with the residents.



Once you have filled in contact information, you can select a priority. by selecting a number inside a circle at the bottom of the screen. The number determines the order in which the alarm center will contact the residents in the event of an alarm.


Delete a resident

On the same screen where you can find contact information and priority, you will also find a delete button. If you press it, the contact will disappear. Remember to always enter a new contact person if you delete the last one.


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