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The Safe Kontroll app is structured in the same way as most housing associations with a superior housing company, consisting of several buildings and/or entrances, which then are divided into housing units. We also see these three layers in the app.

On the homepage of Safe Kontroll you will see an overview of the status of your housing association.

At the top you can see zones, residential areas, common areas and any error messages. The large status ring shows the complete status in the housing association with a number of errors.


The homepage status ring

If you press the large status ring, a more detailed window opens with several status categories. Here you will find information about the Smarthubs, the smoke sensors and contacts (administrators and residents). In the event of any errors, these will be marked in orange, and if you click on one, you will get information about the error and its location.

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Back on the homepage you will find the zones representing a building or an address e.g. Smartgata 1, Smartgata 2A and Smartgata 2B. In the picture above, we see that there is one zone called Futurehome testgata1. By clicking on the zone, you get an overview of the sensors in common areas and in the apartments located in this zone.

Housing units

Under each housing unit, you get an overview of all registered sensors with status and location as well as all registered contact persons. Here, you can also change or add contact persons in priority order. The order determines who the alarm center contacts first in the event of an alarm.

oversikt3_f.svg   oversikt4_f.svg

The tool bar

At the bottom of the app you will find the tool bar. Here you can navigate between the homepage, the timeline, statistics and settings.


The timeline

The second icon in the tab bar is the timeline. Here you will find information about the events in the housing association. The timeline shows events 30 days back in time displayed in chronological order.



If you press the graph on the tab bar, you will be taken to the statistics page. It's the same page you get to if you press the status ring on the homepage.

The Smarthub is the central unit located in each zone. It is wirelessly connected to all the sensors in the relevant zone and, thanks to that, it passes the information from the sensors to your app and to the alarm centre.



The last icon on the tap bar represents settings. There you can change your user settings such as your phone number, email and language. Furthermore, you can add or remove board members, get support if you need any help as well as adjust your push notifications.


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