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If you see that a sensor has reported an error message, it is a good idea to investigate this quickly, so that the fire system is as operational as possible.

The easiest way to proceed is to report to the resident in question what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Note that the resident have also received an SMS with the same error message as in the app.


This means that the control center has no contact with the smoke sensor. The first thing to check is the batteries. Press 1 time on the large round button on the sensor. If the batteries are working, there should be a red flash and then a beep. If it does not flash and beep, the batteries need to be replaced. It uses 3 x CR123. When the batteries have been changed, the resident should receive an SMS that the smoke sensor is online again.

If the batteries are not flat or you have changed batteries and the sensor is not online again (can take up to 15 min), it means that we have lost contact for another reason. This is almost always resolved by re-including the sensor into the system. Contact support on +47 23 50 68 49 (board members) or +47 23 50 68 47 (residents). We will instruct the resident and ensure that the sensor is up and running again. Not much is required from the resident beyond the fact that they have to be at home and be able to press on the sensor.


Low battery

It is the residents themselves who are responsible for changing the batteries in the sensors in their own housing unit. The batteries are of the type CR123(A) and each alarm needs 3 pcs. When the batteries are at 15%, it will report low battery. When the sensor reaches "critically low battery" state, it will start flashing and beeping every 45 seconds.


Tampered means that the sensor is not properly secured in its mounting bracket. This may be caused by poor contact between the sensor and the bracket or removing the sensor from its bracket. The solution is to take the sensor down and attach it properly again. When it has been put in place, the resident should receive an SMS that the sensor has been secured again. If the SMS does not arrive within 2 minutes, the sensor is most likely not attached properly.


Offline Smarthub

The Smarthub is the central hub and brain of the system. In order for everything to work optimally, it must be online, since it is in contact with all the sensors and the alarm centre. Without the Smarthub, the sensors will still function as sensors, but will not be connected in series and will not be connected to the alarm centre.

Futurehome monitors the Smarthubs in order to be able to quickly fix any errors. However, if you as an administrator discover this before we contact you, just report it to us so that we can send service to you.

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