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If something is wrong with one or more devices, you will receive a notification about this and you can see it in the timeline in the app. This can e.g. be “low battery”, “high temperature” or “tamper”.


Low battery


The battery symbol means you have less than 5% battery on your device. To guarantee continued operation, you should replace the battery as soon as possible. Once you have changed the battery, the status will be updated in the app and the notification will disappear. On Z-Wave devices, you might need to wake up the device by either pressing the button once or 3 times. This will send a report to Smarthub with battery percentage. If you are unsure how to wake up the device, you can check the user manual. Alternatively, the battery can be removed and reinserted, the device should send updated battery value.



Tamper means that the device is not mounted on its base or that it is not sufficiently attached. Most battery devices have this service. Some devices report tamper if the device is shaken or moved. Fibaro motion sensor and Aeotec multisensor are examples of sensors that can report tampering with vibration. This can be triggered if you slam a door or touches the device. Please ensure that the device reporting tamper is correctly installed.

Low temperature


If a sensor measures less than 5 °C, it will notify you about low temperature.

Very low temperature


If a sensor measures 0 °C or less, it will notify you about very low temperature. This may mean that there is a risk of frost.

High temperature


If a sensor measures more than 45 °C, it will notify you about high temperature.

Very high temperature


If a sensor measures more than 55 °C, it will warn you of high temperature. This is a safety measurement that’s included in most powered devices, such as Fibaro Dimmer 2.

Normal temperature


If a temperature sensor has reported either high or low temperature and then reports between 5-45 ° C, it will display this icon and report that "The sensor reports normal temperature again”

Contact sensor


If a contact sensor is opened and the household is in away or vacation mode, this icon will appear in the timeline. It will say which device was opened and when it happened. If the household is in home or sleep mode, this will not appear in the timeline nor will notification be sent.



If a motion sensor detects motion and the household is in away or vacation mode, this icon will appear in the timeline. If the household is in home or sleep mode, it will not appear in the timeline nor will notification be sent.

Fire alarm


In the event of a fire alarm, this icon will be displayed. If you have an active fire service on your site, it will be triggered.

Under settings settings.svg → alarm you can choose what should happen in the event of a fire, after a fire and test the alarm. Here you can also sign up for BrannVern which is a service that connects your household to a 24-hour alarm center.

Water leak


If you see this icon, it means that a water leak has been detected.

Signal error


Signal error means that the Smarthub no longer has contact with the device. There may be a problem with the radio range, that the component does not have power or is turned off. Locate the device in your home and check that it has power and works locally with a physical button/switch, if you have it. Make sure it is not damaged. Check if the signal error disappears if you try to control the device with a physical switch or again in the app.

To test range issues, move the device closer to your Smarthub and wait a few minutes. If the signal error disappears, your Smarthub got in touch with the device. Gradually move the device further and further away from Smarthub to detect if there is a bad signal, if there is a bad signal, the network should be expanded with more devices.

To learn more about the signal, refer to signal problem troubleshooting.

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