Z-Wave configuration/parameters

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Parameters are additional device settings that allow you to personalise their operation.

To learn about all parameters available for your device, refer to its user manual. Look for Z-Wave configuration/parameters.

Changing a parameter

  1. Go to settings settings.svg → devices → select a device.
  2. Select Z-Wave parameters.
  3. Refer to the device’s user manual and find the parameter you want to change.
  4. In the app, fill in the needed information you have found in the device’s user manual:
    1. parameter - a number of the parameter you want to change
    2. length (size) - parameter size in bytes
    3. value - a chosen setting of the parameter
  5. Tap “set” to finish.

Note: If your device runs on batteries, be aware that it may take some time for the parameter to update. To speed up the process, you can put the device in inclusion mode, as described in its manual, right before setting the parameter.

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If you look into the IDLock 150 user manual and look for Z-Wave configuration parameters, you will find a table with a description of all available parameters.

An example can be Audio Volume:

Name Parameter Size Value Description Remarks
Audio Volume 4 1 0-6

0 = OFF

1-6 Level

Default value: 5

If you decided to set the audio volume to 3, you would complete the information in the app as follows:

  1. parameter = 4
  2. length (size) = 1
  3. value = 3


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