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Futurehome Smarthub contains a lot of information about your devices, rooms, areas and automations. Should your Smarthub be corrupted it might take some time to re-enter all this information on a new Smarthub. Because on this, it is possible to back up your Smarthub and save it in the Futurehome cloud.

If necessary, you can restore to a previous copy on the same Smarthub or restore a previous backup on a new Smarthub.

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How to create backup?

This can be found under settings settings.svg → household → hub settings → create backup → press “back up”. Note that the Smarthub must be connected to the internet and power during the entire creation of the backup.

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Here you get the option to manually create a backup or restore from a previous one.

A backup can take several minutes to complete. You will receive a confirmation when a backup is made. If you want to restore from a previous backup, you get a choice of which backup you want to restore from, if you have multiple copies.


Important note

    1. Remember to always leave your Smarthub turned on, with internet connection, while a backup is being created or restored.
    2. Only the owner of the household has access to create and restore backups.
    3. The backup is stored in the household. This means that the backup will be lost if you delete the household.
    4. Zigbee units will be pr. now not included in the backup.
    5. Custom flows from Thingsplex are not included. Tip: go to Thingsplex → flows → go to your automations → “show source” → copy the code and save it in a text document (preferably .json). These can then be imported after recovery.

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