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The appliances feature shows you which devices are currently on in your home. You have the option to turn individual devices on or off, as well as all devices in a specific room or throughout the entire household.

  1. In the appliances tile in the dashboard:
    • see how many appliances are on
    • use the toggle to switch all the appliances on/off
  2. Tap the tile to open the appliances tab.
    Group 2566 (1) (1).svg

  3. In the appliances tab:
    • check the number of appliances turned on in each room
  4. Tap the room to open the room details.
    Group 2542.svg

  5. In the room details:
    • see which appliances in this room are turned on
    • switch the chosen appliance on/off using the toggle
  6. You can tap on a chosen device to open its settings.
    Group 2541.svg

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