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The EV charger feature refers to your electric vehicle chargers. It enables you to manage them, displays their charging progress, and tracks their energy usage.

  1. In the EV chargers tile in the dashboard:
    • check the status of the current charging session
    • see the real-time consumption
    • see the amount of energy used in the current charging session
  2. Tap the tile to open the EV charger tab.
    Group 2561 (1).svg

  3. In the EV chargers tab:
    • see the statuses of the EV chargers in each room
    • control a chosen charger using the button on the right (if a charger supports start/stop from Futurehome)
  4. You can tap on a device to open its settings.
    Group 2560.svg

We currently support Easee, Zaptec and Defa. You can find them in playground.

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