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With the shading feature, you can easily control and adjust the blinds in your home. You can manage the shading in the entire house, a specific room, or for a particular device.

  1. In the shading tile in the dashboard:
    • see the number of shades in a given household
    • lower or raise all the blinds
  2. Tap the tile to open the shading tab.
    Group 2546 (1).svg

  3. In the shading tab:
    • check the status of the blinds in each room
    • lower or raise all the blinds in the room using the slider or buttons
  4. Tap the room to open the room details.
    Group 2545.svg

  5. In the room details:
    • see the status of each blind in the room
    • lower or raise a chosen blind using the slider
    • see the light intensity reported in the room (if you have a suitable sensor in it)
  6. You can tap on a chosen device to open its setting.
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