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The media function puts you in control of your speakers, giving you the ability to play or pause music, see the currently playing song, and adjust the volume. You can control the music for the entire house, a specific room, or a particular device.

  1. In the media tile in the dashboard:
    • see if the music is currently playing
    • play/pause on all the devices in the household
  2. Tap the media tile to open the media tab.
    Group 2555 (1).svg

  3. In the media tab:
    • see if the music is playing in a room
    • play/pause music in a room
    • adjust the volume in a room with a slider
  4. Tap the room to open the room details.
    Group 2553.svg

  5. In the room details you can control each device in a room:
    • play/pause music
    • change to the next/previous song
    • adjust the volume with a slider
  6. You can tap on a chosen device to open its settings.
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We currently support Sonos and Bose integrations. You can find them in playground.

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