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What to do when I try to include a Z-Wave device and it cannot be found?

  1. Make sure that the device is close enough to the Smarthub to be in its range.
  2. Factory reset the device completely before trying to add it to the Smarthub again. Refer to the device’s user manual for information on how to do so.
  3. It is also possible to reset a Z-Wave device by starting exclusion from the app:
    1. Go to settings settings.svg → devices → remove device → start exclusion.
    2. Put the device in inclusion/exclusion mode (perform the same procedure on the device as when you included it).
    3. You can read more about exclusion here.

After inclusion, a Z-Wave device displays as zw_0_0_0.

This means that inclusion was incomplete and needs to be done again.

  1. Find your device in the device list (go to settings → devices).
  2. Tap setup.svg settings → delete → put the device in inclusion/exclusion mode. Read more about exclusion here.
  3. Try inclusion again.

If this happens repeatedly:

  1. Move the device closer to the Smarthub
  2. If this is a battery device, look under “I have problems with a battery-powered device” below.

I have problems with a battery-powered device.

Some battery devices have a tendency to fall asleep to save battery, even when including. This means you have to keep the device awake to complete the inclusion process.

  1. If the device is not included within 20 seconds, set the device in inclusion mode again.
  2. Once the device is found, you can wait approx. 20-30 seconds and then put the device back in inclusion mode.

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