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Grid types

Futurehome Charge supports IT, TT and TN, both 1- and 3-phases, with the following wiring diagram:


Most cars on the market do not support 3-phase IT/TT charging. We have therefore set a limit in Charge to only provide power through 1 phase on IT/TT. This does not apply to TN.



Always wire and configure the charger according to the household’s grid type, regardless of the car's specifications.

  1. Verify the grid type, e.g. IT 3-phase.
  2. Prepare the installation for that grid type. In the example, bring an IT/TT 3-phase cable and an RCD fuse.
  3. Complete the wiring according to the diagram. In the example, we will connect all 3-phases of the IT installation.
  4. Set up Charge in the app, and when you select the grid type, click the option that represents the household’s grid type. In this case, IT 3-phase.

When you select IT/TT 3-phase, the car will only charge on 1 phase, as a safety measure.

Known issue

If you for some reason did not wire and configure Charge following the household’s grid type, Charge may refuse to finalise the setup. This is because of a safety feature in Charge, where it detects an error.

This is indicated by the Charge showing the spinning orange “setup light”.

This typically occurs in IT/TT 3-phase installations, where the installer terminates one of the phases since the car doesn’t support 3-phase.

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