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Features on Futurehome Charge

This is the Charge (1), LED ring (2) and charging port (3).

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Safety first!

  • Only qualified personnel should install, configure, repair, or maintain this product.
  • Check that you have a compatible charging cable (Type 2)
  • Control Charge and the charging cable for damage before charging.
  • Check that Charge is powered on and has a constant, dimmed white light.
  • Never insert foreign objects into the charging port

Important: Read the Charges safety guide before using the charger. We've built this charger to follow all applicable EU rules for safety and efficiency and you can find all safety certificates on our website, www.futurehome.no/charge

How to charge in three easy steps:

  1. Connect the charging cable to Charge and the car.
  2. Charge will indicate a successful connection by blinking white twice and stay solid.
  3. Started charging session is indicated by a blue light rotating clockwise.
  • If Charge shows a constant white light, Charge is waiting for the car to start charging. (LED illustration)
  • If Charge shows a constant blue light, Charge is waiting for the “smart charge” to start the session. (LED illustration)

Smart charging: Some providers offer smart charging through their platforms. If you are not using Futurehome as your main platform, please read their documentation before charging.

Smart Charging with Futurehome

Our system offers smart charging, adjusting the charging based on energy prices and consumption patterns. When in smart charging mode, the status indicator will glow blue. Charging will initiate once the optimum conditions are met. Here is an overview of what you need to unlock those features.

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  • App control includes: Starting and stopping of sessions, app-controlled cable lock, manually control charging speed, monitor kW and A in real-time and track your historical charging sessions.

Futurehome app

For you to benefit from the app, make sure that the electrician has set up Charge through WiFi or directly to the Smarthub via Zigbee, and transferred your charger to you. You will receive an email with confirmation and a guide on how to download the app and move forward. If you did not receive an email, please ask your electrician to transfer the ownership to you.

Getting started in three easy steps:

  • Activate your account, or if you have an account from before, please confirm the transfer.
  • Open the Futurehome app and log in with your credentials.
  • Your Charge should be visible on your dashboard.


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