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Step 1 - Preparation

Make sure all the components are included in the box. The following items are included:

Untitled (1).png

Installation tools needed:

Untitled (2).png

Choose cable placement

On the Charge, you can feed the cable from the bottom, the top or the back. This will define where to mount the charger.

Feeding from the bottom (recommended): Installation-Bluetooth_active.png
Feeding from the back: Group 3256.png
Feeding from the top: Group 3250.png

Step 2 - Installation

Open the front panel by unscrewing the 2 TX10 screws from the bottom of the charger and lift the front panel.

Group 3479.png

Remove the electronics module by pressing the clip just above the module and push it upwards to unlock.

Group 3132.png

Place the charger at a suitable height and level the charger with the spirit level located inside the case

Tip: The recommended height is between 100 and 150 cm from the ground.

spiritlevel (1).svg

After choosing the right place mark four mounting holes.

Use a drill and supplied wall anchors when mounting on a concrete wall.


Secure the charger to the wall by screwing screws included in the package on making points which were made previously.

Note: If you are to feed from the back, move to next step before mounting the charger on the wall.


Prepare the cable inlet according to which cable feed option was chosen at the beginning of the installation.

Feeding from the top or bottom:

Remove the waterproof plug.


Feeding from the back:

Drill the hole with a step drill on the marked location.



Dismantle the cable according to the description in the picture.

It should be striped to a length ht of 18-20 mm.


Trim the sealing plug to match the diameter of the cable.

Ensure a good seal by pushing the sealing plug over the cable and pushing it into the cable inlet until it sits securely.


Secure the cable by screwing in both screws of the cable fixer (0,8 Nm). The placement of cable fixing is related to the cable feed option chosen at the beginning.

If the cable fixing is too big for the diameter, flip it around.

Bottom feed:

Use the cable-fixing on the bottom.


Top & back feeding option:

Use the cable-fixing on the top.



Insert the electronic module into the backplate by sliding it downwards to lock it in place.

Pay attention to the clicker at the top; when properly docked, a noticeable click should be heard.


Wire the cables by opening the black lid above the knife connectors and connect the power cables to the right terminals according to the diagram below.



  • Several cars on the market may be damaged when charging with 3-phases on IT/TT grid. 3-phase charging on IT/TT networks is therefore limited in software to only 1 phase out.

We recommend that 3-phase IT/TT systems are connected as 3-phase to enable dynamic load & phase balancing and to enable possible future functionality.

Secure the cables by closing all levers of the knife connectors and closing the lid on the module.


Attach the front plate to the backplate and secure the front plate by screwing in the two screws on the bottom of the charger (0,8 Nm.)


Now proceed to set up Charge in the app. Please follow the linked guide here.

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