Futurehome Charge - How does the cable lock work?

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Futurehome Chargers are equipped with cable locks to prevent theft, ensure safety, and provide convenience for users. These locks deter theft of expensive charging cables, reduce tripping hazards, and prevent damage caused by accidental pulling. Ultimately, they enhance the security, safety, and usability of EV charging stations for operators and drivers alike.

The cable lock works by securing the charging cable to the charging station. It involves a mechanism where the cable is inserted into a slot on the charging station, and then locked in place. Once locked, the cable cannot be removed from Charge without unlocking the mechanism, thereby preventing theft or unauthorised removal.
As a Futurehome Charge user, you have the possibility to unlock the charging cable directly from the app by simply clicking on the unlock icon within the charger interface.

1.svg    cablelocked.svg

Additionally, you have the option to customise the default settings to your preference, including the option to choose whether or not the cable locks automatically when plugged into the charger.

Note that the cable will always be locked during charging sessions.

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