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Many factors influence the charging speed, like the grid type in your home, your car and the charging cable. Futurehome Charge supports up to 22kW, but that will require the other components to also support this.

First check your grid type and your circuit breaker:

Grid Phase Breaker Max charging current
TN/IT/TT 1 phase 16A 3,7 kW
TN/IT/TT 1 phase 32A 7,4 kW
IT/TT 3 phase 32A 7,4 kW*
TN 3 phase 16A 11 kW
TN 3 phase 32A 22 kW

*Note that Futurehome Charge does not support 3 phase output on IT/TT network. Check this article for more information.

  • The next step is to check the maximum charging current allowed by your car on AC power.
  • The installer often adds a safety margin. On a 32A breaker, you might see 30A as the maximum. You can manually adjust your charging current in the range between 6A and the maximum set by the installer. Check this article for more information.
  • When you have “Dynamic load balancing” activated, this dynamically adjusts the charging current based on the available capacity. This means that the charging current can vary from 1,4 kW (~6 amps on 230v) to the max charging current in the point above.

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