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Note: For Charge to be optimised based on energy prices, it needs to be connected to internet. This can be done directly through WiFi or through the Smarthub via Zigbee.

Set up Charge in Power Manager

To set up smart charging, follow these steps:

  1. On the app dashboard, click the energy tile.
  2. Click the lightning icon in the upper right corner.
  3. Activate Power Manager and click “Managed devices”.
  4. Select Charge in the list → save.

even1.svg  even2.svg

evenmd.svg 5.svg

How does this work?

Futurehome fetches the electricity prices from Nord Pool (the European energy exchange) every day. At 1 PM we get the prices for the coming day, and based on this we schedule optimisation on your devices.

We divide the day in 2, cheap and expensive, on 50 percentile. This will in most practical cases allow charging the 12 cheapest hours in that day and don’t allow charging the 12 expensive hours. Keep in mind that this may vary. Some days can have 14 cheap hours and other days can have 10.

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