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In the app, you can see the cable status and control Charges cable lock function.
The cable locking is a function to prevent theft and for health and safety reasons.

When the cable is connected to Charge and the car, it will always be locked for safety reasons. If you want your cable to be locked to Charge when not in use/not connected to the car, click the cable lock icon and activate “Permanent lock”.

permcable.pngbottom sheet.png

Here is an overview of the different icons and what they mean

Icon Betydning
interactive=false, status=no_cable, alwaysLock=false.svg No cable connected
image.png Cable connected and unlocked
image (1).png Cable connected and locked
image (2).png Cable status unknown
image (3).png Cable is connected and locked, with “Permanent locked” activated
image (4).png Cable not connected, with "Permanent locked" activated

Force unlock

If your cable for some reason is stuck, you can use the “Force unlock” button. This will double check all the state of the charger, the connection to the car and the state of the cable. If your cable is unable to force unlock, read more about that in the article linked here.

bottom sheet.pngHere is an overview of the different icons and what they mean.

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