Futurehome Charge - Zigbee Connection Issues

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If you are having trouble connecting to the Charge with Zigbee, try the solutions below.

Check if Charge is within Zigbee range

The Zigbee range is about 10m but can be drastically lowered by obstacles such as walls.

To fix the problem, you can:

  • move the Smarthub closer to the charger


  • create a mesh network - place other power-fixed Zigbee devices between Charge and the Smarthub.

Check if the charger was properly included in the app

  1. Open the app → go to settings → devices.

ev1.svg    ev2.svg

  1. Check if the charger is on the list of connected devices.
  2. Click Charge → settings → Additional functions → reconnect

garage.svg    ev2.svg

3.svg    4.svg

a. If that does not work. Try restarting Charge by flipping the fuse.

If none of the above works, please contact support for help. You can find the contact information here.

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