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  • Welcome to your new home and as a user of Futurehome Safe. In order for you to get all the information you need, it is important that you register in the Safe system. This is the board's responsibility, but it may be a good idea to remind them of this. Via Safe, you will receive important updates about your fire alarm and other fire-related incidents in your housing association through SMS.
  • First of all, it is important that you do not try to turn off the alarm by removing the batteries.
    The correct procedure is to manually stop the siren by pressing the alarm button on the smoke sensor and then ventilate the room. The alarm is then deactivated for ten minutes. If it still detects smoke after ten minutes, the siren will go off again. If you have several smoke sensors in your home, they will all stop making a sound when you press the alarm button.
    From the time the alarm goes off at your place, you have 2 minutes to turn it off before it goes off in the whole building.
  • The alarm central's number is 815 69 049. We recommend that you create a contact on your phone with this number.
    Only call this number in cases where you need quick help, e.g. in the event of a triggered false alarm. For all other technical questions about the detector or the system, contact Futurehome support on 235 06 847.
  • In the administration portal, the board can at any time see that fire alarms and water leakage sensors have sufficient battery capacity, and communicate with the rest of the service. The service will notify both residents and the board if the battery needs to be replaced or if there is something wrong with the service. Residents can change the batteries themselves and test the siren if necessary.
  • Rotate the alarm counterclockwise and off its mounting bracket. On the back is the battery cover, remove this and replace the batteries. Remember to tilt the red safety pin under the batteries when you put them back in.
    Test the alarm by pressing the button on the alarm once. It should confirm with a red flash and a “2-tone” beep.
    Mount it again and check that it is properly attached.

    Tip: the batteries are of the CR123 type and each alarm needs 3 pcs. It will not work with rechargeable batteries.
  • The batteries last for approx. 3 years, but it is recommended to change before this. When the batteries are near empty, you will receive an SMS that they should be replaced. If they are not replaced within a couple of weeks, the alarm will flash yellow and beep every 45 seconds. The battery status is also visible to the board in their administration tool.
    If you are in doubt as to whether your alarm has sufficient battery, you can press the button once. If it flashes red and beeps two times, you can assume everything is fine. If it does not flash or beep, the batteries must be replaced.
  • This means that the alarm is not properly attached to its mounting bracket. There is a small sensor on the back which is designed to detect tampering. You can fix this by rotating the detector counter-clockwise to loosen it, and then fitting it properly again. Check that all the attachment points are in the bracket. When the alarm is attached properly, you should receive an SMS confirming this.
  • If the alarm is offline but has battery, it may mean that it has lost contact with the system. Note that it will still report fire locally, just like a normal smoke detector. If this happens, you must contact support so that we can restore the connection. It is also important that you are at home when you call. The number for support is 23506847 and is available between 08-16 on weekdays.

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